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Crunch Time - How Will Employers Address The New OT Regulations?

Jack McCalmon

The new OT regulations take effect December 1. One retail giant breaks its silence and states how it plans to address the new DOL overtime regulations. Jack McCalmon examines and provides insight. Read more...


Teaching About Sex: A Ploy Sexual Predators Use To Commit Their Crime


A couple is accused of sexual abuse of two minors. They claim they were teaching the children about sex. What do safe adults need to know? Read more...


Wages And The Weather

Leslie Zieren

Hurricane Matthew leaves east coast states responding to flooding. When the office is closed because of a weather disaster, what should managers know? Leslie Zieren looks at the wage aspects of these disruptions. Read more...


Is Election Speech Protected Speech? How Workplaces Should Address It

Jack McCalmon

A survey indicates that the election and the divided electorate are stressing out the workplace. Jack McCalmon provides some ideas on how employers can minimize their risk from election speech litigation. Read more...


Aggravated Sexual Battery: What Is It And Its Relation To Sexual Molestation


A former EMS officer is indicted for sexual molestation including aggravated sexual battery. We examine what sexual battery is as it relates to children. Read more...